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Yogesh "Yogi" Surendranath | 18-292 | @yogi_chem | (617)-253-2664

Yogi was born in Bangalore, India, a bustling city of almost 10 million residents located near the southern tip of the Deccan plateau. He immigrated to the US at age three along with his immediate family and grew up in Kent, OH. While his initial interests in chemistry were stimulated by frequent visits to his Father’s organic chemistry laboratory throughout his youth, he developed an even stronger affinity of experimental science while doing research in particle physics under the direction of Jon Secaur at Theodore Roosevelt High School. In the Fall of 2002, Yogi ventured south of the Mason-Dixon line to attend the University of Virginia as a Jefferson Scholar. After an initial foray into protein crystallography under the direction of Prof. Zygmunt Derewenda, Yogi decided to return to his roots and join the organometallic chemistry laboratory of Prof. Dean Harman. In the Harman Lab, Yogi investigated the dearomatization of diazine heterocycles by low valent tungsten coordination compounds. It was also during his time in the Harman Lab that he developed a deep interest in electrochemistry, which would shape his future in more ways than he imagined. In the Fall of 2006, Yogi returned to the North to pursue graduate work in Inorganic Chemistry at MIT as an NSF and NDSEG fellow. Under the direction of Prof. Daniel Nocera, he studied mechanistic aspects of oxygen evolution mediated by oxidic Co-based thin film electrocatalysts. Upon graduating in the summer of 2011, Yogi moved West to pursue postdoctoral studies as a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley. Under the direction of Prof. Paul Alivisatos, he investigated how molecules can be used to controllably dope nanocrystal thin films for next generation optoelectronic devices. Desiring greater seasonal variability in the weather, he moved back to Cambridge in the summer of 2013 to assume his current position as Assistant Professor of Chemistry. His research focuses on the chemistry of solid-liquid interfaces with a current emphasis on electrochemical energy conversion. In his spare time, Yogi enjoys hiking the White Mountains, blogging about south Asian gastronomy and perfecting his stunt kiting skills.

Alex Murray

M.Chem. Chemistry, University of Sheffield 2011
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Bath 2015
Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-17

Sahr Khan

B.A. Chemical Physics, Wellesley College 2009
Ph.D. Chemistry, Yale University 2015
AAUW International Fellow 2017-2018

Marcel Schreier

B.Sc. Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, EPFL 2009
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, ETH Zurich 2012
Ph.D. Chemistry, EPFL 2017

Megan Jackson

B.S. Chemistry, Caltech 2013
NDSEG Graduate Fellow 2013-2016

Anna Wuttig

A.B. Chemistry, Princeton 2013
NSF Graduate Research Fellow 2014-2017

Sterling Chu

A.B. Chemistry, Princeton 2013

Youngmin Yoon

B.A. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania 2011

Soyoung Kim

B.A. Chemistry, Seoul National University 2012
M.S. Chemistry, Seoul National University 2014

Seokjoon Oh

B.A. Chemistry, Columbia University 2014
NSF Graduate Research Fellow 2015-2018

Bing Yan

B.A. Chemistry, Peking University, China 2014

Corey Kaminsky

B.A. Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cornell University, 2015
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Travis Marshall-Roth

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame, 2015
NDSEG Graduate Research Fellow 2017-2020

Jaeyune Ryu

B.S. Chemistry, KAIST, 2011
M.S. Chemistry, KAIST, 2013
Samsung Scholarship 2016-2021

Jonathan "Jo" Melville

B.S. Chemistry (High Honors), UC Berkeley, 2016

Andrew Licini

A.B. Chemistry, Princeton University, 2016
NDSEG Graduate Research Fellow 2016-2019

Alexander "Sasha" Alabugin

B.S. Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (planned 2020)

David Braga

William "Will" Howland

B.S. Chemistry, UNC Chapel Hill, 2017
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Onyu Jung

B.S. Chemistry, Yale University 2017

Jeffrey "Jeff" Rosenberg

B.S. Chemistry, California Institute of Technology 2017